The Power of Coloring

By September 30, 2017Rita Selle-Grider

When most people think of coloring, there might be a few things that come to their mind. Almost universally, the majority of people connect coloring first with an activity for small children to practice staying behind the lines. They think of coloring as a very simple mundane activity with almost no skill required whatsoever. The only purpose, they say, of opening a coloring book is to occupy time. This is a good start of course because coloring is a great way to have some quiet fun while waiting for something.

With the adult coloring boom that hit in 2015 we now know that coloring books are not just for little ones, but likewise for adults of any age and at any stage. Studies have shown the multiple benefits of coloring. Benefits like:

* calms and relaxes the mind

* releases tension and stress from the body

* increases focus and concentration

* shifts the focus away from negative thought and emotions

* improves problem-solving and organizational skills

* increases fine motor skills

* stimulates the brain through colors and pattern

* helps prevent/slow down dementia

* brings back childhood memories

* increases awareness and enhances meditation

* empowers through self-expression and creating unique works of art

* bridges boredom and lack of structure

So yes, coloring books are ideal for long trips, waiting rooms, and the like. But they are way more and serve many purposes. They are not mere ideal to bridge otherwise boring, wasted time any longer, but to completely turn this time around and maximize it through the various benefits that coloring brings along.

What a lot of people don’t know is, that there are many different types of coloring books for people of every age and background. Coloring is universal, and it’s both fun and creative for every kind of individual. Before you stop to think about it, yes there are MANY coloring books for adults as well as children and the list of categories available are almost endless. You might like a coloring book best on your favorite movie or story, or how about a coloring book that caters to your love of travel and seeing new places? With all the ideas and inspired creations out there coloring is now fun for everyone.

Coloring is about more than just taking crayons and colored pencils and making a picture look pretty, however. It’s about indulging in your own creative side. Every page in a coloring book is a carefully and creatively traced design, but with the absence of color, it serves as a blank slate for you to indulge in ingenious creative energy. You could choose a realist or a surrealist approach with your coloring scheme. With this blank slate, you can take a picture and make your own inspired creation, and make it unique like no other.

Remember the days before colored television? Television shows were still ok, and they certainly have a nice nostalgic feel to those who still enjoy watching them, but they canbe hard on the eyes, and somewhere in the back of our minds we can’t help but feel like something must be missing from this. Of course, it’s color. The real world is full of it. It kind of reminds of the old Pleasantville film, in which everyone and everything is black and white until they go outside the cultural norms. That’s essentially what coloring is, you can bend the rules a little or stay inside the lines, but either way, you slowly get to watch the world on the sheet in front of you come right to life before your very eyes, and best of all, it becomes your own creation.

It may seem simple on its face, but coloring is a fun and inspiring pass time. So whether you’re breaking the rules or staying inside the lines and whether you’re just bored or looking for a great new hobby coloring can bring YOUR world to life as well. It never hurts to give things a try and often when we try new things we find out we love them. More and more adults and children alike are discovering the power of coloring every day. Now it is on you.

Coloring is more than just scribbling your artist’s tools onto some static design. It’s creative, it’s fun, it’s both inspired and inspiring, and best of all,anyone can do it. You don’t have to be a creative genius or a master artist. The power of coloring lays within everyone, and it appeals to people of all ages and walks of life. With more coloring books coming out everyday it’s like a whole new world out there just waiting to be discovered.

So, grab your colored pencils or markers, embark on any new coloring adventure and enjoy the process of coloring with a new sense of empowerment!

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