A Vision Board is any kind of board that captures ones goals and bigger vision of life through images and power words.
Vision boards are very powerful! They evoke feelings and access the sub-conscious mind. Did you know that 95% of our brain is made up of the sub-conscious and only 5% of the conscious mind?
However, there is one risk: If your life vision and goals do not incorporate God’s vision and purposes for us as His children, you will be off your God-given point of destination.
As Christians, we need to become crystal clear on God’s vision and purposes for our lifespan here on earth, especially in a time of such fast paced and filled up lives as presently.
Incorporated in a personal vision board, this becomes a very inspirational and powerful tool to live God’s purposes and to reach one’s goals and life vision!
The Vision Board Workshop includes:

• A Preparation Worksheet to clarify your goals in all eight areas of life and to carve out your overall life vision

  • A personal drawn Bible Verse for the coming year!
  • Tips & Tricks for creating a powerful vision board
  • Materials
  • Techniques for keeping the vision board alive
  • A Vision Board Journal!
  • A light breakfast
  • A creative, high energetic and fun time!

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