How To Best Close Your Year

By December 27, 2017Rita Selle-Grider

The last three months of the year are such a marathon, aren’t they? First the preparation for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, then the extra efforts to round the year well business wise, followed by a long list of preparations for and countless family and business activities before Christmas.

Then, after Christmas, there are six days to round up the year and prepare for the upcoming year …

Actually, the best way and timing is to do the year evaluation and strategic year planning beginning of November before the big rush starts.

While I have not been able to do so myself this year due to unexpected medical issues in the process of healing from my car accident, there is still time for you, if you haven’t come around yet either, and me, to get the act together.

While many just look ahead and envision the goals they want to reach in the new year, they are missing an important part.

Before you can speed up for the new year, you have to close the old year first. Otherwise those ‘unfinished’ businesses and issues will end up ‘under the carpet’ only to re-surface at a later time. It is worthwhile to take time and to be thorough going through this part. The following questions will help you in the process. You might want to refer to your calendar and to-do lists to re-freshen your memory.

Questions To Close Your Year

  1. What brought me the most joy this year? Why?
  2. What are all of my successes from this year? What my failures? What goals did I miss totally? What lessons did I learn? What do I need to forgive myself? What do I need to leave behind?
  3. Who in my business and circles of influence was inspiring, encouraging, and supportive? Who not? Whom did I inspire, encourage, and support? Whom do I need to ask forgiveness? Whom do I need to let go?
  4. Do I have envy and/or other negative emotions against anyone in my business and circles of influence? Why? Did I wrong anyone? What is it I need to ask forgiveness for? What do I need to let go?
  5. What happened within my marriage and family this year? Are we closer? Are we stronger? Is each one stronger? If yes or no, why? What do I need to ask forgiveness for? What do I need to let go?
  6. Where am I spiritually? Have I been growing? How close was my spiritual walk? Was God first in all of my endeavors? If yes or no, why? What do I need to ask forgiveness for?

Once you’re through the questions, draw a red circle around the names of the people you need to ask forgiveness. Then do it! Don’t push it off.

Still, there is one other thing to do to best close your year!

End-of-Year Ritual

A very symbolical and powerful way to clear and close up the past year is to list all of your failures, envy, wrongdoing etc. on a sheet of paper … and burn it. Yes, burn it! This can be done inside the home, over the fireplace, or the sink. It can also be done outside, in your yard, or a special meaningful location. Just make sure it is done over a fire place, or concrete ground, to prevent a fire.

This is a beautiful ritual that also works very well if done in a group.

Now that the soon ending year has come to a closure, it is time to embrace the New Year, and the opportunities it brings along! Likewise, here are some questions to get you going. Before you start, it is wise to get your new calendar and write all family and business related events into it, such as business and workshops, congresses, competitions, retreats, vacations, anniversaries etc. This will give you a clear vision what lays ahead.

Questions For The New Year

  1. What is your intention for your marriage and family for 2018?
  2. What is your intention for your business / job for 2018?
  3. For # 1 and # 2, what are your 3 most important goals and 3 to 5 sub-goals for each? By when do you want to see this accomplished?
  4. What priority do your God-given purposes in life have? Are you crystal clear about them? How will you maximize them next year?
  5. What is your God-given mission in this world? Are you crystal clear what it is?What is your word-of-the-year for 2018?
  6. What is your Bible verse, or a hymn verse, to carry you through 2018?
  7. What is your plan to grow spiritually next year?
  8. What is God calling you to change in your life?
  9. What bad habits do you need to get rid off? What good habits do you need to build up?
  10. What is the biggest time waster in your life and what will you do about it?
  11. How will you take better care of your health next year?

Wishing you a successful, fruitful and happy New Year!


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