An amazing tribute to Martin Luther! Even non-Lutherans would enjoy this book. It has more than just beautiful illustrations; there are recipes, word searches, mazes, etc. If you love art, history, cooking, or word games you'll enjoy this book

Martin Luther is smiling in heavenBy Debbie M.

This book is not just for this 500th birth of the Reformation but will be of great educational help in the years to come. The color book covers the major events of Luther's life along with many pithy quotes and symbols related to Luther and the Reformation

A book that will serve you well.By Rev. John Hohe

I am SO excited about this coloring book! We are not Lutherans, but rather non-denominational Christians who strive to teach 100% biblical truths. We have a daughter adopted at age 14 from Eastern Europe who has just been home almost one year at this point. She had no idea about Halloween or Martin Luther King.
The only "religious" thing she knew anything about was the Catholic Church. I was struggling to find ways to teach her, and so when I was offered this coloring book for free at JUST THE RIGHT TIME, I was thrilled! It has SO many pages of great illustrations that are really good for all ages. They are not too babyish for an almost-15-year old, or even for an adult, but little kids would enjoy them too. So, I used this book in conjunction with teaching her what Martin Luther did and why it is so important. To be able to color while listening to me read helps her retain information. She also asked lots of questions about various pages in this book.

EXCELLENT teaching toolBy Rachel K.

It will provide many hours of coloring enjoyment, while acquainting the reader-artist with Luther's life, words, work and faith. With its variety of images and activities, this book is suitable for Christian schools, Sunday Schools, children of all ages, and their parents. Highly recommended!

The Martin Luther coloring book is a delight!By Marc D. Sch.

I’m delighted with this coloring book – partly because it’s not just a coloring book but has puzzles and historic facts as well, but mostly because it’s provided me with a very enjoyable way to reflect on the life and work of a man who played such a seminal role in the Protestant Reformation. The pictures and puzzles are interesting and varied. They’re detailed enough and challenging enough to be fun. The overall effect of the book is to make me take a step back and feel a sense of awe for this man’s courage and conviction. Standing up to the Catholic church in the 1500’s was an act of courage that I can barely imagine.
I was provided with a free digital copy of this book so that I could take a look and review it prior to its being ready for purchase. I’ve given it five stars because I found it fun, entertaining and informative. I hope activity books like this one will become available on other people and subjects worthy of my attention and appreciation

Wonderful coloring, activity and historical activity bookBy Sandra H-S.

I loved this 500 Years Luther Anniversary Coloring Book because I rediscovered the child-like joy of coloring and solving puzzles again. This book is a delightfully fun, creative, and relaxing way to learn historical facts of Luther's Christian heritage and the Protestant Reformation that has brought ageless joy and inspirational wisdom to every seeker.

Learn Factual Information the Creatively Fun, Relaxing WayBy Nelda J. McC.

Being of German heritage and a follower of Martin Luther, I find this coloring book to be "inspirationally fulfilling and fun." The combination of coloring and activities, along with enlightening quotes and history, gives this coloring book warmth and meaning. A great way to celebrate an historically great man's anniversary.

Inspirationally Fulfilling and FunBy Lucinda B. M.