I am so glad you found my author page and we can connect!
Under pen names, I have been publishing coloring books since 2015.

In 2017, I felt the calling to venture out under my own name. My Scripture featuring line of coloring books, journals, workbooks, planners and calendars focuses especially on Christians. They aim to make the most and best of one’s time. After all, there is only so much of it in one’s life, right?

My intention is twofold: 1. To help make life more beautiful, easier, focused and productive, and 2. to encourage, inspire and educate with eternity in mind.

A special product line will be for those going through tough and challenging times.

My first coloring book of greater significance was the Martin Luther 500 Year Anniversary Coloring Book and the accompanying 30-Day Inspirational Martin Luther Journal Challenge.


I am a native German from the Stuttgart area. Art has been part of my life from childhood on: first by coloring house plans for my father who was an architect, later by studying art alongside my work, and then by using coloring books and creating them myself.

In 2000, my small family and I moved to the US. We had planned to stay for two or three years, but 911 disrupted our plans.

By the grace of God I am a survivor of two severe car accidents. They taught me a lot, made me spiritually a stronger person, and shifted my focus. First in November 1989 with some very close to death experiences, and then in July 2017 in an accident together with my husband. Although the latter was not as severe, it has kept me on the ‘slow lane’ so far.

Besides being active in church, the local and animal rights community, I very much enjoy my daily time of devotion, my husband, our daughter, dogs and cats, our German Round Table, great sermons and speeches, working our little garden … and German bread! Did you know that there are over 3000 different breads in Germany?

I am also a keen admirer of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Dr. Erwin Luzer, but most of all, of my sister Anke and my husband Brian who have been alongside in the most loyal and encouraging ways during those crucial times in my life.

We live close to Columbus, Ohio, along with six cats and one expensive dog.


Short Bio

Rita Selle-Grider is a native German, whose love for coloring started at a very young age, coloring house blue prints and floor plans for her father who was an architect.
She is a devout Christian, second time survivor of a severe car accident, and creator of Scripture featuring coloring books, journals, work books, planners and calendars.

Her first coloring book of greater significance is the Martin Luther 500 Year Anniversary Coloring Book and the accompanying 30-Day Inspirational Martin Luther Journal Challenge.
Rita Selle-Grider lives near Columbus, OH, with her family, one dog, a herd of cats … and a never ending vet bill.