15 Smart Coloring Tips

By May 15, 2018Rita Selle-Grider

Coloring happens normally in these two scenarios, right? As a quick use on the go to release tension and let go of stress, and as an intentionally dedicated time of creativity. It is best to be prepared for both.

For on-the-go version it usually is sufficient to use lighter paper and travel size options. As for the detailed art work, consider a coloring book with thicker paper or print the coloring image on a quality paper of your choosing.

The Coloring Tips apply to both scenarios:

      1. Keep It New!

If you want to use your coloring book multiple times to experiment with different color creations and coloring materials, then it’s best to copy the page you desire to color.

      2. Go Safe!

If you prefer to rather draw into your coloring book, make sure to put two blank pages underneath the page with your image. This will prevent any bleeding through and keep your coloring book neat and attractive.

  1. No right or Wrong Way!

While there are different techniques to color and to use the various coloring materials, there is in general no right or wrong. Coloring has a lot to do with experimenting. It is an expression of yourself, and versa vice, you can learn about yourself via your colored images.

  1. Set the Tone!

Decide if you want to create a uni-colored image with various hues of one basic color, or if you want it to be multi-colored. Shall it be in pastel or bold colors, or a combination of both?

  1. Just Simply Start!

Starting out can sometimes be the most challenging part. Go page by page, or pick an image that ‘speaks’ to you that day and simply just start on one spot in the drawing. Begin with colored pencils since they can easily be colored over, especially if started out with a thin layer of color.

  1. Let’s Get Inspired!

Colors of the season, personal color preferences and contrasts can inspire, and so can YouTube videos about color techniques, light instrumental music, essential oils and the igniting of scent candles. And for those who love conviviality, drawing together with others can be the stimulus per se.

  1. Have Courage!

Try out different materials – colored pencils, markers, crayons, water color, and glitter paint. Use several in an image, create layers and shades. Let yourself be surprised about the effects they bring about.

However, your best option are colored pencils to ensure there is no bleeding through. Use the other materials at the last for special effects.

     8. Let It Dry!

When using markers, ink pens or watercolor pens always remember to let your work dry before putting on another layer. This will generate best results and prevent paper damage.

  1. Keep It Beautiful!

If you prefer to keep your done artwork in the coloring book, put a layer of tissue paper between the pages to keep the colors fresh.

  1. Take Your “Me” Time!

Set aside some time each day, maybe connect it with your morning devotion, or use it as a means of reflection to wind down the day. If that seems too much, set aside a time each week, maybe join or start a coloring-in group with friends.

  1. Have It Handy!

It’s best to always have a coloring book, or a couple of them, along with your coloring materials ready to use and easy to grab. Sharpened coloring pencils are an inspiration in themselves! A couple blank pages to try out color combinations can be very helpful.

Be sure to always have a smaller coloring book version with some colored pencils in your purse or car to maximize expected or unexpected  waiting time.

  1. Create A Routine!

Routines simplify and help create habits. Setting aside time to color on a regular daily or weekly basis is a great way to create a healthy and fulfilling habit of letting go of the daily tensions. Scientific research has clearly shown that coloring reduces stress. While some like to take this time of coloring as an oasis free of the sorrows and demands of the daily living, others embrace the coloring time to meditate and to think over their lives or facets of it. Make coloring your habit!

  1. Use Music!

Alternate times of quietness with listening to music. While silence is very wholesome for your body, mind and soul, instrumental music, praise songs, and brain wave entrainments can be very motivational and provide extra bliss.

  1. Frame it!

Yes, do it! Take your favorite piece(s) and frame it. Or take a picture of it and put it on canvas. Both options also make very personal and great gifts.

  1. Celebrate!

Celebrate your artistic creation with a cup of tea or a treat of some sort! This is nice to do alone, with a beloved one, or with a like-minded coloring group.


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