10 Best Journaling Tips

By March 15, 2018Rita Selle-Grider

Maybe you are just getting started or you are a seasoned journal writer, either way these general tips will be your success guide to get you started and going. If you have been journaling for a while, these tips will hopefully inspire you anew and open your vision for things you might have not tried yet. So here we go.

1. Get An Inspiring Journal

One cannot stress this first tip enough: Get a beautiful and inspiring journal! One that suites you best. It is an investment in yourself. It’s not a huge investment, however, it will pay out big in the long run.

A beautiful journal will keep you wanting to pick up your journal and write! It’s an eye catcher, reminder and motivator.

This is true for the everyday life, but even more so for those tougher times like divorce, prolonged illness, strenuous recovery, loss, difficult family issues, challenges at work or your business. You name it. Times when you need to surround yourself with gorgeous, uplifting things.

Likewise, using a beautiful well-functioning pen, gel pen or pencil with a great grip is as importing as choosing an uplifting journal.

With pen and gel pens, make sure the paper quality of your journal is thick enough to prevent bleed through.

2. Know The Different Methods Of Journaling

Journaling has become pretty diverse. It is no longer just a ‘daily dairy’ with blank pages. You find now journals with motivational quotes, Scripture verses, questions, writing prompts, bullets, doodle and drawing options, and combinations of them all.
There are journals for specific topics and specific time frames, for gratitude, meditation, personal development, planning, projects, travel, creativity, nature, dreams, health, fitness, and more.
If you have accumulated journals, or work on several journals at the same time, it is advisable to make a list of them and index the topics and the year.
3. Make Journaling Your New Habit
While starting a habit of journaling is easy, maintaining the habit is difficult. This is a challenge for most of us considering the flood of daily distractions.
New research has shown, it takes an average of 66 days to establish a new habit. So how can you do it?
First, choose a time that best matches your schedule. It could be part of your morning routine along with your devotion, meditation, or exercising. It could also be part of your lunch break to help you relief stress and rejuvenate. For busy moms, it could be an on-the-go journal, using the time while your child is at piano lesson, or on the soccer field.
A great way is to round up the day with journaling. Many high achievers have been found to start and end the day with journaling. First they plan the day, then they review.
A key factor to journaling on a regular basis is to know the benefits of journaling and making them your Why’s. There are many benefits to journaling, so check out my blog article on The Power of Journaling.

4. Go Horizontal And Vertical

Horizontal in this regards means to journal things from the present, but also from the past and mapping out the future. While writing about the past has great healing effects, writing about the future is even more exciting since you can consciously and subconsciously shape your future.
Going vertical simply means to be aware of the multitude of journaling methods and to try them out. Along with this comes to look at the various aspects of your life.

5. Include Your Vision Board

Mapping out ones future on paper is very exciting and many success stories confirm this correlation. While many successful people have been using vision boards, it is highly advisable to create a smaller version on the first pages of your journal! This will ensure that you look daily at these images of your vision board to let them sink in while feeling that this is already your reality.

6. Take Your Journal Wherever You Go

Having a journal for on-the-go has the benefit of being able to turn seemingly ‘lost’ time while waiting at a doctor’s office or for your child’s piano lesson, or while traveling in a train or bus while commuting into a very beneficial and productive time. In addition, it de-clutters your mind and helps release tensions and stress.
While a daily journaling routine has the greatest success to establish that journaling habit, it is also much recommended to carry a (smaller) journal with you all day long. It ensures to safe all your creative ideas, re-structure the day, and to release stress by writing or doodling.

7. Keep It Interesting

Trying out different journal methods, or just switching things up in your ‘daily diary’ keeps the journaling process from getting stale and keeps you going. For example, you could alternate free writing with I Am statements, I Am Thankful statements, I Will statements, bullet points, mind mapping and so forth.

8. Hand Write It

Scientific research at the Indiana University in 2013 has proven a close correlation between eye-hand coordination and learning ability, such as learning comprehension and retaining of the information. In addition, it aids keeping and improving your fine-motoric hand movements, calms the body and nerves, enhances focus, slows down aging and combats dyslexia.

9. Include Gratitude

If you want to get the most out of your journaling, add some gratitude statements at the end of each of your journal entries. Scientific research from Robert A. Emmons, Ph.D., leading gratitude researcher, shows in multiple studies that gratitude has the highest correlation with happiness and wellness.

Check out my blog article Giving Thanks for more details.

10. Take It To The Next Level

You can move your journaling experience and outcome by simply adding some I Am and I will statements besides the gratitude statements. Write them, then read them out loud and with confidence.

If you want to memorize a Scripture verse or inspirational quote, do the same for one week. You will be amazed how easy it was to learn those verses.


Applying at least some of these tips into your journaling will make for a blissful and highly beneficial journaling journey. Make sure to let me know your experience with these 10 tips!

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